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10 Board Game Companies that I can't wait to see at Gen Con

Last week I touched on my top five RPG companies that I'm excited to see at Gen Con 2023. This week, I want to go over my top ten board game companies and which of their games I want to test drive at the convention.

Obviously, this list is nowhere near comprehensive, but these are the ones I'm super excited for because of new games coming out.

1) 25th Century Games= Ra: an auction and set collection game set in ancient Egypt. I feel like this is a reprint, but seeing as I didn't get my hands on the original, I'm curious to see it.

2) Brotherise Games= Castles by the Sea: a three dimensional sandcastle building game on a shared grid. It just looks cute and fun.

3) Corvus Belli= REM Racers: just a cute looking racing, destroy your opponent game.

4) DV Games= Bonsai: a meditative, bonsai cultivating game. It just sounds interesting and I want to look at it.

5) Funforge= Tokaido Duo: the original game gets great reviews and I want more two player games in my collection.

6) Gamewright= Forbidden Jungle: cooperative survival in the middle of the jungle. I've played previous iterations of this game and they've all been well done.

7) NorthStar Game Studio= Eila and Something Shiny: a single player adventure game where you play a rabbit. Color me intrigued.

8) Pine Box Entertainment= 7th Sea City of Five Sails: I love the setting of 7th Sea. I'm very hesitant about this because I was not a fan of the second edition of the role playing game and I have fond memories of the old card game.

9) Renegade Game Studios= Good Omens: I love the book and the show so I want to see how it translates to a game.

10) SlugFest Games= Tales from the Red Dragon Inn: my entire group loves Red Dragon Inn and this looks like it would be a great way to play in that world without playing the card game for the ten billionth time. Or we could play it in between rounds of the card game.

Honorable Mention) Panda Cult Games= I love Panda Cult and their games, Wander and Shovel Knight. I want to see the new minis for the expansion of LaCluck's Revenge.

Is there a must see company that I didn't list? A game you can't wait to see? Let me know!

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