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5 RPG Companies I'm Excited to Visit at Gen Con 2023

Every year when I go to conventions, I take the time before I leave to not only pick my events, but also to figure out which game companies I want to visit on the exhibit floor. This is my "can't miss" list. I use it to make sure that I get a chance to look at the games that I really want to see without getting home and realizing I completely missed something.

These won't be the only RPG companies I look at, but they are the ones that have something I want to look at. Some of the games are listed as rumors or preorder for pick up, but I usually wait until I'm home to actually buy most of my new games from my FLGS.

The last few years when I've made this list, it has been solely board games because that's what I wrote about on Geek & Sundry. This year, I get the best of both worlds and I'm looking at RPG companies (both for work and leisure) and board game companies (purely for leisure).

Without further ado, let's hop in.

  1. Modiphius Entertainment. Star Trek Adventures: Lower Decks Campaign Guide. My husband just started watching this and it is hilarious. I want to see how it translates to game.

  2. NerdBurger Games. What is Light without Dark, a supplement for Good Strong Hands.

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