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Avant-Garde! Pokémon Violet

Yeah, I joined in on the new Pokémon game. I picked Violet over Scarlet for two reasons. One, my favorite color is purple. And two, I liked the special Pokémon better.

I didn't finish Sword before skipping to Violet. There is something about a fresh start, especially when everyone else is just starting the game. I may go back and finish the post-credit part of Sword later, but for now, I'm enjoying the newness of Violet.


With the good of a new game also comes the bad. Lots of people have been reporting glitches left and right and I'm no exception. Most of mine have been small graphics problems: poké balls not landing before they go into their catch graphics, shaky background graphics, and the like. The only ones that really bother me are the lag going into Tera raids and how long it takes for me to be able to close a screen.

Neither one is a deal breaker, obviously because I'm many hours into the game already and have only completed a tiny fraction of what's available. It doesn't stop me from being frustrated when I sit on the white screen before the raid in offline mode (yeah, I haven't connected to the internet with my game yet), but I can live with it.

I'm loving the choose your own adventure aspect of the game. I didn't take many classes in school before the Treasure Hunt was announced so I'm sure I'm lacking in a bit of the background knowledge I could use in the game, but I didn't really want to go back and take more classes when I could be out in the world with my Pokémon.

I'm sticking with option D as far as which tasks I'm following. I plan on trying to do them all, starting with Artazon Gym, as you could probably figure out from the picture. And then hitting up the Starfall mission nearby (do not recommend at the level I was at because it almost killed me) and the Stony Cliff Titan. I'm about to hit my second gym, so wish me luck.

I love the graphics for the pokédex this time around, but I'm sure it's just because I'm a huge book nerd. Plus, it's been fun to chat with my friends about where they found some of the interesting Pokémon they've been posting.

I'm hoping the excitement doesn't die down anytime soon because I've been really enjoying this game, glitches and all.

Are you playing either of the new Pokémon games? Which version did you get?

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