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End of the Year Round Up

As the year wraps up, I started thinking about all the games I've played and I'm a bit disappointed. Most of my gaming was solo computer or video games. I know I got burned out on board games when I worked at the game store, but I need to get over that. It's been years.

Beyond the two Pokémon games, I played the heck out of Hero Wars (mostly because it's mindless and I can bounce in and out of it as I take breaks from writing or crafting) and Lost Ark. Recently, the hubby and I got back into Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

For role playing games, it was a lot of D&D 5th edition, Vampire 20th edition, and 7th Sea 2nd edition. I'm a big fan of Vampire as it brings back a lot of nostalgia for me. D&D 5th edition, I'm torn on. We use D&D Beyond to house our character sheets and campaign so there are a lot of laptops on the table and I think it takes away some of the interactions we could be having. But it's great if one of us is under the weather because we can remote in.

For board games, Stomple was king (or "the marble game" as my nephew calls it). I'm a huge fan of fast or cooperative games, so long as I don't have to be the one teaching them all the time. That's where my burn out comes in. In the past, it has been expected of me to be the one to teach the group new games and it got old. Or the games we played took hours upon hours. Or we played the same three games over and over.

I have a few plans I'm working on for the new year in the hopes of actually playing more games with my family and friends. Pushing myself out of my funk. I've found when I drag myself to the table, I do still enjoy playing, it's just getting over the initial resistance.

What was your favorite game this year? What did you play the most? Let me know!

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