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Gaming Resolutions

With the new year upon us, it's everyone's favorite time: time to make resolutions you have every intention of keeping, but probably won't.

I already have all of my personal goals set and laid out, as well as broken down into manageable chunks. I did pretty good last year with hitting some of my goals, just not all of them. But I decided that I really needed to have some gaming goals to go alongside my regular personal goals.

Why add gaming goals? It's been awhile since I've actively sought out gaming and gaming adjacent pursuits (other than my regular games and sewing dice bags). I lost a lot of my spark for the hobby when I ran a gaming store and taught people how to play games all day long. When it's your job, you don't want to come home and teach people to play games.

Which means I have a lot of games on my shelves that don't get much play time or are still in their shrink wrap. Things I was excited about that never saw the light of day after they were bought.

So it's time to pick myself back up and get back on the gaming horse. With that in mind, here are my gaming resolutions for 2023:

1) Break out my paints at least once a month. It's been a hot minute since I painted a mini. I used to paint all the time and need to get back to it.

2) Have a gaming night at least twice this year where I play more than one game and call it quits. That's been my usual MO. I play one game and then hang out for the rest of the night.

3) FINALLY play a game or two of Wander. I got to playtest this at the GenCon before it was Kickstarted, but haven't touched it since I bought it. I love the cooperative, choose your own adventure element and really need to dig into it. Playing this might actually help with goal #1 as it is filled with minis.

4) Find another video game to play. Preferable with my friends, but also allows me to play solo when they are off doing other things. Pokémon was fun, but I've basically finished it.

5) Actually read the rules on some of the RPGs I own/ make a cheat sheet for my characters so I don't keep forgetting important things they could be doing. Like my rogue actually has Evasion and not just Uncanny Dodge.

I'm hoping all of these will help me remember why I started gaming in the first place and bring the joy back into my life.

Did you make any gaming resolutions for this year? If so, let me know what they are!

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