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My Favorite Games: Escape

Updated: Jan 31

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I'm a huge fan of cooperative games. It's not a secret I don't like losing and neither do a bunch of my friends.

I also love games that don't take a huge investment of time (*cough* Iron Dragon *cough*). Sometimes my attention span doesn't allow me to focus for hours at a time.

Both of these loves combine in Escape: the Curse of the Temple by Queen games, a dice rolling, fast paced co-op game.

Remember that scene in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark where he's in the booby trapped temple? That's where this game starts. You and your friends are stuck in an unexplored temple that you have just ten minutes to escape from.

You heard me right, ten minutes to explore and find the exit. Sounds easy, right?

Hold on, Dr. Jones, nothing in life is that easy. The door is guarded by enchanted gems you need to clear in order to escape.

All of the tiles which make up the temple are shuffled and placed upside down, so you are literally building as you go. Some rooms will help you clear gems from the final door, some just lead you deeper into the temple.

Find the door and escape if you can, but be aware there are plenty of risks associated with venturing too far too quick.

Twice during the game a gong will sound (if you're using the heart pumping soundtrack, which I recommend). You have to get back to the starting room before the doors slam or you will lose one of your five dice, making it harder to roll what you need to get out.

To enter a new room, you do have to roll a combination of dice symbols to match what's on the tile. You can combine your dice with another player's in the room to clear gems, so bring a dungeon buddy. Just don't leave them behind if you can.

First person to escape can gift one of their dice to another player to make it easier for them to leave the temple. This is all or nothing. If one person is left in the temple when time runs out, everyone loses. Rocks fall, everyone dies.

Are you brave enough to try your hand at Escape?

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