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Or Live Long Enough to Die a Villain

One of the most controversial things a game company can do is make a new edition of their game. Nothing will divide their fanbase faster. Ask any gaming group.

One game that desperately needed a new edition, that frankly I had given up hope on getting, was 7th Sea. Now, don't get me wrong. I love the world, I love the d10 system, I miss my old gaming group and will occasionally listen to the soundtrack my GM made for nostalgia, but there are some glaring holes in the system.

Like archers or musketeers bouncing bullets and arrows to take out additional targets because they raised and rolled well. Patriot Arrow jokes aside, nothing will pull me out of my swashbuckling game faster than the rules of physics being snapped into a thousand pieces.

When the second edition was announced a few years ago, I backed it fully. And then I started reading the rules and played a few games with it.

And I hated what it became.

I understand the rules were tweaked to be more role play heavy and less roll play, but there comes a point where you do need some solid rules to back your really pretty world. I have never had more arguments at the table over rules and uses of traits than playing this edition.

Don't get me started on the combat system. So very much not a fan. Having to use additional Raises because the situation went south and my Approach has to change? As a duelist, why can't I use the same Maneuver twice in a row? Most of the time, I want to Slash at my opponent, not Bash him with my pommel.

For all of my bashing of second edition, I will give it credit for making the story very character driven. Setting up scenes and opportunities as a player does put me more into the story. I'm glad they kept the Hero Points system. One of my favorite things to do was play my character to the hilt to gain points to be used to do super cool things later.

All in all, I wanted to love this new edition, really I did. 7th Sea will always hold a place in my heart. Will I continue to play Second Edition? Oh hell no. I don't need the headache it causes, nor do I want to listen to arguments around the table of "I think it should be this instead of that because of this other thing." Too loose of rules means too many hurt feelings when the GM uses something someone doesn't like.

What game did you absolutely love only to have the newest edition sour it for you? Or did a new edition make the game all the better? Let me know!

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