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Play Like You're in a John Woo Film

I almost got my entire gaming group killed last weekend, and I'm not all that sorry.

For reference, I've been playing this character on and off for five years (we took some time off to play 5e D&D). I am the last of the original group of characters, at least until one of them comes back from planes hopping. Sita's powerful and has made some powerful enemies.

A bit of advice I got when I first started playing back in college was to play my character like I was in a John Woo film. And to me that meant that I should play my character without fear. If my actions killed me, so be it, it's just a bunch of numbers and I can make a new one.

This advice has gotten my characters in a lot of trouble over the years, but has also made quite a few memories that I otherwise wouldn't have. Who wants to play a character who's so overly cautious as to be practically useless in combat or wastes the group's time arguing about tiny details that don't really matter.

I'd rather have stories of the session where my character mouthed off to a god (not for the first time), got grabbed, but managed to stop him from taking her to the abyss (bless Dimensional Anchor). Which made trouble for the entire party instead of just me.

And while everyone scrambled to use every trick in the book to keep us from party wiping, I wouldn't have been mad if they left Sita to die. She kinda deserved it. Luckily, we had enough Plot Twist cards among us to negate the worst of it, so no character deaths.

This will be a session that will be brought up time and again, especially if I decide to have my character mouth off about a god. In the moment, it wasn't that great, but it was memorable.

And I can't think of anything better than that.

What was the most memorable thing your character did? Let me know!

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