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Preparing and Hosting a Gaming Party

It's that time of year where everyone gathers together. Which might mean your friend group wants to get together to enjoy some time with one another. I know my group is gearing up for our annual Merry Sushi-mas.

With that on my mind, I thought I would give some quick tips and things for you to think about so your next game day or party goes smoothly.


This one might seem a bit silly. Or not. Do you have a theme for your party? Are you only going to have games, food, and drinks that go with that theme? While my group has Sushi-mas, that theme only goes as far as the food. The rest of the night is whatever we want.


Even if you have a very specific theme, you want to have a variety of games on hand. Unless this night is nothing but Risk or Iron Dragon, then the one game will generally suffice. A good mix of fast games and medium length games goes a long way, especially if players get knocked out early from a longer game.

But also you want to think about if this will be board game only or if you will incorporate digital games into the mix. Jackbox games are hit or miss with my group depending on which one we play, but Smash Brothers or Mario Cart slap.


This is where things can get dicey (all gaming puns intended). Finger food is great for eating while you're playing so long as it's not super messy. You'll have to decide if you're eating before or in between games or if you're okay with the possibility of your games getting Dorito dust all over them.


Another place where things can go super wrong in an instant is with drinks. Will you serve alcohol or make it a dry party? The more alcoholic drinks served, the more likely something will go wrong. One spilled drink may spell disaster for your games. No one wants that, so take as many precautions as possible like setting the drinks where they won't accidentally get knocked over.


One of the ways to keep disaster from happening is to protect your games. Card sleeves will help keep stray drinks from ruining cards most of the time (unless the drink goes in the open part of the sleeve). If you have a particularly accident prone friend, maybe keeping their drink on a separate table is the best way to protect your games from the inevitable.

Whatever you do, just try to protect your games from the mess so they can be replayed for years to come. Even if that means just keeping a roll of paper towels on hand so messes can get cleaned up as quickly as possible.

The biggest tip I can give you is to have fun. This is a party after all.

Do you have any tips for running a fun game night or party? Is there a theme that lends itself to a great night? Let me know in the comments below!

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