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Sorcerers Vs Wizards

I'm a huge fan of playing a spell chucker in most dungeon crawling games, but I tend to favor sorcerers over wizards for one very important reason: I don't have to try to figure out what spells to memorize that day. While on the surface that seems like a trivial thing, it makes all the difference in my world.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the idea of wizards. Gandalf and Elminster are some of my favorite characters. I love that you can have unlimited spells right at your fingertips. I love the spell hunting aspect of trying to find ancient spells to add to your spell book. I just hate that I have to choose what kind of spells I can have when I start my day.

That's what kills me. Right there. It's happened a lot where I've played a wizard, expecting the adventure to go one way, when it all goes to crap and I don't have the spell everyone wants me to cast memorized for the day. Also, the limitation (at least in Pathfinder 1st Edition) of having two schools of magic where you are deficient and have to expend extra spell slots to prepare a spell from that school seems limiting.

What you lose from your deficiencies, you do gain a bit from picking your arcane school specialty. You gain an additional spell slot of each spell level you can cast specifically for your specialty school. You do gain some interesting powers based on your specialty like resistances or extended illusions.

On the other hand, sorcerers know fewer spells, but what they know, they know. I don't have to worry about which of my spells I memorize because if I need my fireball and I have the available spell slot open, I can cast it. And, unlike wizards, I can cast 0-level spells all day long.

Because sorcerers are inherently magic, they also get to pick a bloodline to show where their magic comes from. Each bloodline has its own skills, feats, and spells for the sorcerer to learn, as well as some really killer powers.

While I am biased as to which class I would pick, what's your favorite class to play? Do you really dig the idea of being a relic hunting wizard who goes off in search of rumors of powerful spells or would you rather play the sorcerer who hones their innate talent through adventures?

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