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Starting a New Game and Character Creation

My gaming group just did character creation for Cyberpunk Red last week. And I was a bit torn about starting a new system.

On one hand, I had a pretty cool character idea I wanted to make, but on the other, I did not want to go through a long, drawn out character creation process for a character I'm going to realize that I messed up making. Because it happens way more often than I want to admit.

Now, I'm a sucker for gimmicks. I love Smallville specifically for the interrelated character creation mind map. Twenty questions from Legend of the Five Rings? I'm in.

Cyberpunk Red has three different ways to go about making characters: Streetrats, Edgerunners, and Complete Packages. Streetrats are templates you can just drop on your character and go (this is the option I took with a few tweaks). Edgerunners are your fast and dirty methods of making characters. Complete Packages are the most complex way to create your character.

Because it is my first time making and playing Cyberpunk, I chose Streetrats. I wanted fast and easy because my brain did not want to do math. Plus I get overwhelmed with new systems and learning them at a loud table.

One thing I will give Cyberpunk is Lifepath. The fact that I can either roll to learn about my character's past or choose something off the table. It made it really easy when I was undecided on something to just roll on the table. Did this mean that my Tech ended up with a Reclaimers background because I didn't know what I wanted? Yup. But did I choose to pick the clothing style of Asian Pop? Also, yes.

In the Lifepath section, you also roll to find out who your friends, enemies, and lovers are. I have three friends, three enemies, and no tragic love affairs.

Now, the only thing I didn't like was buying weapons, armor, gear, and cyberware. Price lists for all of this stuff started on page 91. You don't find out how many Eurobucks you have until page 104.

I will say that is my only complaint so far is the fact that you start making your wish list before you know how much you have to spend. My GM was nice and gave us an extra budget for fashion.

I totally embraced the style over substance rule that is at the core of Cyberpunk. Did I buy cyberware? Yes. Is most of it Fashionware? Very much yes.

I won't know if I'm completely happy with my character until we actually play, but I am happy that I didn't have to spend hours pouring over the rulebook to make her only to find out that I messed up.

Do you have a favorite character creation gimmick I need to look at? Let me know in the comments!

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