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The Birth of the Gamer Girl

I started role playing in college. I know, I'm a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to gaming, but I came from a tiny town where gaming wasn't a thing.

I still had a good, nerdy start to my life. My mom's a huge Trekkie so I grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars (because we don't discriminate when it comes to outer space shows). Old school board games and card games were played on the living room floor (Amazing Labyrinth is still one of my favorites). Once I found the fantasy genre, I wouldn't stop reading. My high school band director taught me how to play Magic the Gathering, finalizing my trajectory to becoming a huge nerd.

In college, I happened upon a guy who was wearing a Vampire the Masquerade shirt. Being a big Anne Rice fan at the time, I asked him about it. Best decision of my life. Rob invited me to join his gaming group and I made an amazing group of friends, some of whom I still talk to and see.

One RPG led to another led to visiting the local game store. I got my first taste of Euro-style board games, other card games (hello Legend of the Five Rings), and painting miniatures.

To say I fell in love with all aspects of the gaming industry is an understatement. I gobbled up everything I could. I even tried miniature games.

And then, I started working at a game/ comic store. That's where the title of Gamer Girl was given to me by the daughter of one of my customers. The idea I could help mold the next generation of gamers and inspire more women to game filled me with excitement and a little fear. What if I messed it all up?

I ended up running the store for two and a half years, so I think I did alright.

During that time, I also learned how to cast resin miniatures. It gave me a greater appreciation for the hard work and artistry that goes into the miniatures I paint. Let's just say, I will never look at the extra flashing on a miniature the same way again now that I know the reason behind it.

After I left both jobs, my buddy Rob (yes the guy who got me into role playing) messaged me to tell me Geek & Sundry was looking for new writers. I applied and managed to snag a place at the table. The opportunity allowed me to interact with and understand the gaming industry in a whole new light while learning new games.

I have since parted ways with G&S, but still hold the experience with a lot of gratitude for what it taught me.

Which brings me full circle to this blog. Having earned the title of Gamer Girl, I plan on using it to talk about the industry, games, and whatever else I feel like to continue to encourage the next generation of gamers to go out and play.

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