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The Consequences of My Actions

The downside to playing it like a John Woo film.

I ended up having a long talk with my GM after the last session of Pathfinder where I may have called a god a not so nice name in his temple and almost got the party killed. Luckily, we had a bunch of plot twist cards that got us out of trouble and he had two weeks to figure out exactly what that would look like.

What it looks like is that my character's Goddess manipulated time (or just warned us in our dreams, that part's a little fuzzy) so that we are basically doing the dungeon over. But there was a full "keep your mouth shut" aspect to the dream. And obviously, my character is being punished.

Originally, my GM was going to strip everyone of their mythic tiers until we go on a quest to get my character the robes she's been looking for this entire game, but I pleaded for only me to be punished because it was my shenanigans that got us in trouble in the first place.

So I had to redo my character sheet temporarily without my mythic tiers. And that means that my dice tray looks empty. At the beginning of every session, I pull out all of the spell dice I need so I can just grab and roll without searching through my bag to find what I need. I don't want to be the one slowing down the session.

The other part of the punishment is that the temple was forewarned of our incursion and was ready for us. One of my spells was guarded against (so frustrating) and basically, it has become one long battle as everything is converging on our position.

We had to end the session in the middle of the fight because we were way over time, so we'll see how bad this comes back to bite my character in the butt.

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