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The Magic of Props

I've played a lot of role playing games over the years. Some where it was a straight hack and slash. Some where it was more immersive.

My favorite are always the ones where I can forget who I am and fall into the world of the story. Part of that is finding a game master who can tell a good story and sometimes it also can be props.

I don't always play with props, but I've found that having a touchstone of the story helps get me into the mind of my character. It also gives me something to fiddle with to keep my hands busy while I concentrate on the game. This can also be a distraction, so handle any props with care. It is also at the GMs discretion to disallow props if they are getting in the way of the group.

Props can be anything from a certain glass you drink out of, a stuffed animal representing your animal companion, or a piece of jewelry you wear. They can be as simple or as ornate as you want them. Again, get a feel for the group and location of your game. I tailor my props to one per game so they don't draw others out of their own imaginations.

I used a stuffed cat as my talking animal companion. Whenever Quintus would talk, I'd hold up the toy to indicate it was him and not my character so everyone knew. The GM got in on it and would steal the toy so my character and her cat could have arguments.

Have fun with it. Draw your GM into the fun as well. If your character has a secret love (or marriage), put a cheap ring on a chain and wear it to games until the secret is revealed. Maybe the group will notice, maybe they won't. But tell me how fun it would be to have a nod to your character's secret right in your group's face without them knowing.

Do you have a favorite prop? Let me know what it is! Mine is a necklace I wore during a Seventh Sea game I played in college.

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