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These are a Few of My Favorite Books: Sandman

Anyone who's talked to me about books knows I'm a huge Neil Gaiman fan. American Gods is my favorite novel and one day I plan on taking a road trip to all the places described in it. Sandman was my first comic book and still holds the place of my favorite.

I was introduced to the world of Sandman in college (thanks Brent!) and fell in love with the world and stories woven within. So much so that I own the series almost five times over (if you count the audio books). I'm only a few single issues short of the full series. When I got into it, the series had been finished for years and single issues were hard to find. I even started collecting the Dreaming in single issues (still have a long way to go to finish that run).

One of the things that struck me with the series was how perfectly it wrapped up all its loose ends. Upon reading it a second time, you could see all the hints Neil gave as to where the story was going. All the Easter eggs. Every time I read it, I find more.

It fired up my imagination and a lot of other writers. Especially when you look at all the spin-offs that have come from it. Lucifer, Dead Boy Detectives, the Little Endless, not to mention the recent Sandman Universe. The stories live on and grow for a new generation.

Audible came out with the audio version of Sandman and the casting is a chef's kiss. I feel as though there is no one miscast, nothing to pull you from the story. Plus, Neil as the narrator is sublime.

Netflix's show I was more leery about, having been burned with American Gods. I should've known better because Neil had his hand in it the whole way through. Casting is top notch despite the naysayers who are upset about Lucifer being a woman or Death being a black woman. Everyone played their part to perfection. The updates to the story were well thought out and helped it flow for the new medium and generation.

Every time I read, watch, or listen to this timeless story I find some new facet I hadn't known existed. Some character who resonates with who I am currently and who I aspire to be.

"What power would Hell have if those imprisoned were NOT able to dream of Heaven?" Seriously, a powerful line that reminds me the power of our dreams and stories.

Whatever medium you feel drawn to, I highly suggest checking out Sandman.

What's your favorite story? Let me know in the comments!

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