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These Are a Few of My Favorite Games: the A-Maze-ing Labyrinth

Very few games from my childhood continue to be my favorites well into adulthood. I don't want to play Monopoly for hours, no matter what fandom you skin it with, but I will play Uno.

A-Maze-ing Labyrinth is another one of those games I will continue to play time and again and introduce more people to because it brings back the nostalgia of laying on the floor of the living room and calculating the best way to move.

The premise is simple: everyone starts on their colored corner and has a pile of cards in front of them. Each card represents an item on the board and you only can look at your top card until you complete it, but you can keep moving around the board to complete cards as you finish the previous one.

The trick is that the board moves and shifts as the game is played. At the beginning of your turn, you take the extra tile and use it to push one of the rows of tiles across the board. The only rule is that you can't push a row backwards from the previous turn. This allows you to trap another player in a sea of corner pieces that go nowhere.

Games go pretty quickly once everyone gets the hang of it and no two games are exactly the same. Once you collect the last of your items, you still have to get back to your home tile, which allows other players the chance to black you while they frantically go after their last items.

This was my very first Euro-style board game without knowing it was. One of the things I love about it is that it takes away the dreaded dice luck and implements a level of strategy into the game. Do you stay on a tile that can move or go to one of the permanent ones on the board?

Ravensburger has changed the name to simply Labyrinth and has skinned it with plenty of fandoms, so there is bound to be something out there for everyone.

What is your favorite childhood game and do you still play it?

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