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Welcome to the Gamer Girl Blog

Hi, I'm Dawn, AKA Gamer Girl.

Who am I? And what's up with the name Gamer Girl?

My Nerd Cred

I've been playing role playing games for at least two decades, Euro-style board games and miniature games for over a decade, and video games for over a decade. I worked at and ran a game and comic store for over six years. In addition, I wrote for Geek & Sundry for a year and a half.

Why use the name Gamer Girl when I don't just play games?

I was given this title when I worked at the game and comic store by one of my customer's daughters. It's a title I've held dear to my heart because she said she wanted to be like me when she grew up and I love the idea I had a hand in shaping the next generation of female nerds.

Some of my Favorite Things

Comic book: Sandman by Neil Gaiman. I own it almost four times over in various formats.

RPG: Legend of the Five Rings, followed closely by 7th Sea.

Miniature Game: Warmachine, but it's been years since I played

Card Game: Legend of the Five Rings

Board Game: Wander: the Cult of Barnacle Bay by Panda Cult Games

Video Game: Borderlands 2 (haven't bought 3 yet), but I've been playing the hell out of No Man's Sky

What can you expect from this blog?

Opinions. Lots of my opinions. Game reviews and play throughs. Suggestions for comics and games you might like. And anything else I feel like talking about (if I'm lucky, I might even get to use some of my contacts in the industry to score some interviews).

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