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Getting Sucked into Another Game

I'd sworn off video games awhile ago. Other than quick, online games, that is.

I did this to free up my time to work towards my goals. And I was good with it, for the most part. It sucked at times not being a part of the group chat when they'd geek out, but I was slowly working myself towards the life I wanted to lead.

Until Lost Ark. I got talked into downloading it by the fateful words, "It's kind of like Diablo."

I love Diablo. And World of Warcraft. And this seems to marry the two.

I've been playing on and off for the last couple of days and have a love/ hate relationship with the game.

Bear in mind, these are my initial thoughts and are subject to change once I get a better handle on the game.


  • It's pretty. The graphics, the music, everything.

  • Side quests. I'm always going off on side quests and hunting randomness.

  • Low kill exp. You are discouraged from just going out in the world and leveling up by hunting. Most of your exp comes from completing quests. It would take some serious grinding to gain a level solely by killing monsters.


  • Where are my pants?! Seriously, I get that more guys than girls play video games, but why is my character wearing a crop top and hot pants. Her belt is almost bigger than her pants.

  • Long load times. It took forever to download and getting the game to start takes the better part of five to ten minutes. Go make yourself a cup of tea while you wait.

  • The controls take some getting used to. I'm constantly looking down while I'm fighting to make sure I'm hitting the right attack. Most of my friends have already switched out their controls to be a little more fluid.

All in all, I'm impressed by what so far is a free game. I haven't touched any of the DLC because I wanted to see if it was something I would keep playing. Nothing sucks worse than blowing money on a game you never play.

What game have you been loving lately? I'm sure my productivity will take a small nosedive while I explore a new game.

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