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The Problem with being a Completionist in Games

I'm not saying it took forever to get a Sinistea that wasn't Phony. But I'm also not NOT saying I have quite a few of them in my boxes. Catching an Antique Sinistea took a lot of time and Pokéballs. But it beat having to sit at the auction house and hope to get the correct teapot.

I've finished the main game of Pokémon Violet. And the post credits game. All that's left in my journey is to finish off my Pokédex and turn it into my teacher.

That's right, all I have left is to fill in less than 30 Pokémon and I will have completed all there really is to do in the game.

It makes me a little sad that my journey is almost over, but I've enjoyed most of it.

The part that frustrates me is how hard it is to complete. Ninety percent of my missing Pokémon are Scarlet or trade exclusives. Or in the case of Palafin, I need to be in a Union Circle group. Which means I need to either know someone with Scarlet (most of my group when with Violet because the vehicle looks better) or spend hours trading in the hopes of getting something other than another Lechonk.

And while I kind of understand that they wanted to make this so you can play with your friends, it pisses me off because I'm never online at the same times as my friends. So now I'm stuck with either leaving the game incomplete or wasting a ton of time surprise trading.

As much as it pains me, I'm leaning towards not completing because it doesn't make much sense to spend hours hoping for the right trade or tera battle to pop up. And it leaves a sour taste in my mouth towards the game (other than there being no way to organize your boxes so you can see how many duplicates of certain Pokémon you have).

And leaves me with the question: what game do I play next to take the place of Pokémon? If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments!

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